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gambling profits
  • ganancias de juegos de azar
  • beneficios de juego

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The provincial government is doling out some of its gambling profits to local organization's dedicated to helping others.
She said the party's donations review body approved taking the money despite his gambling profits.
As well, moderate risk and problem gamblers comprise 4.8 per cent of the population, but generate 36 per cent of the gambling profits.
Critics of disenrollment say the rising tide of tribal expulsions is due to greed over increased gambling profits, along with political in-fighting and old family and personal feuds.
Last year, government profits from liquor sales were about $250 million and gambling profits accounted for about $350 million.
These once-off costs were not offset by local gambling profits.
Gambling profits, including lottery winnings, however, are seen as a "windfall" and not income from a source and thus generally escape taxation.
And rather than staying within the state, gambling profits would go to private casino operators.
Ontario management is embarrassingly addicted to booze, tobacco and gambling profits and the highly paid public sector won't give up their stake in it easily.

Context sentences for "gambling profits" in Spanish

EnglishProfits from gambling should primarily be used for the benefit of society in order to promote amateur sport, amongst other things.
Los beneficios de los juegos de azar en línea deben emplearse, en primer lugar, en beneficio de la sociedad para fomentar el deporte popular, entre otras cosas.

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