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gambling regulation
  • regulación de los juegos de azar

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These practices are not caught by current consumer protections under credit law or gambling regulation.
This reinforces our determination to see that gambling regulation continues to both minimise the risk to those individuals and ensure that the majority of people can continue to gamble safely.
That's not to say all gambling regulation is a bad thing.
Several smaller provinces have either publically stated that they have no interest in online gambling regulation or have seen such efforts stall.
Several reviews on gambling regulation will be presented as well as analyses on gambling and crime.
Many of the executives held significant concerns that gambling regulation had been weakened under the new structure.

Context sentences for "gambling regulation" in Spanish

EnglishIt was made quite clear to me at that time that the regulation of gambling should be left to the Member States.
En esa ocasión entendí claramente que la reglamentación de los juegos de azar debería ser asunto de los Estados miembros.
EnglishBoth the European Union and Member States share common objectives in their efforts to improve the regulation of gambling activities.
Tanto la Unión Europea como los Estados miembros comparten objetivos comunes en sus esfuerzos por mejorar la regulación de las actividades del juego.

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