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game a system
  • juego un sistema

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But even in light of that, there are people who are able to game the system.
Despite state steps to safeguard the market from manipulation, the study said some participants might still be able to game the system.
I don't advocate spending a lot of time trying to game the system.
In fact, as the standards and regulations increase in number, length and complexity, they provide yet another loophole to game the system.
It begs the question, what do the rest of us get while the government allows big business to game the system?
Starving entrepreneurs may also use big data to game the system.
What happens if that person dies or decides to game the system (i.e. lie) for their own benefit?
You can read exactly how he pulled it off on his site, which advises loyalty program members on how to game the system.
Game design calls for players to interact with one another and the game system.

Context sentences for "game a system" in Spanish

EnglishSometimes webmasters—accidentally or on purpose—use techniques that attempt to game the system.
A veces, los webmasters realizan prácticas, ya sea de forma accidental o intencionada, con la intención de trucar el sistema.

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