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game attendance
  • asistencia al juego

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This year, the game attendance was 34,172 resulting in 102,516 meals donated.
Season ticket sales might drop, but game attendance will bounce back.
It enables you, the fan, to track your favorite team, your game attendance, personal highlights, as well as take advantage of personal offers and discounts.
The highest single game attendance, 5,947, was recorded at the home-opener.
Where previously game attendance numbers were discretely concealed, or rounded up, they are now being proudly announced for all to see.
Per game attendance (75,674) was the highest of any conference for the 16th straight season, with the conference setting an all-time record of 7.56 million fans this season.
Despite the historical basis for each code's distinct development, the divide today, based on game attendance, television ratings, and participation, has persisted.
Businesses sprang up before the stadium opened, and many remain, although average game attendance is only 4,921.
Game attendance was strong, 300 to 700 fans per game.
The time you worry is if the team is not performing well and those variable revenues that come from game attendance and the like has become in jeopardy.

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