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game business
  • negocio de juegos
  • negocio del juego

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But at the time, no one could have predicted the seismic challenges that would soon rock the video game business.
But when he started working on investments in the video game business, his hobby and his work life began to converge.
Fithian also noted that the movie industry, along with the music and video game business, has made vast improvements in enforcing their respective ratings systems.
That includes his take on the video game business.
The company is still the healthiest firm in the video game business, with more than $4.6 billion in cash.
But in the long term, the cycle may be the last one, according to some of the seers of the game business.
Mike is one of the most highly regarded, successful, and well respected development executives in the game business.
These happen over and over in the game business, where something captures the hearts of gamers and leads them down a new path of fun.
The idea of any one region taking over the game business is ridiculous.

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