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game fish
  • peces de caza
  • pescado de caza

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Graham said when anglers were not out chasing game fish, they were bagging some nice kingfish and big flathead along the inshore reefs.
All the fish he saw were coarse fish rather than game fish, and he said it appeared they died within the past day or two.
They did report on minnow species sampled, which are important as forage for game fish.
The fish is caught for cat food and fish oil supplements and a favorite food of large game fish.
John said there was still little to no action off the shelf, as water temperatures were not conducive to attracting game fish.
Being a game fish, the mahseer is also an angler's delight.
There it was "methylated," absorbed by micro-organisms, and sent up the food chain, where it concentrated in the large and delectable game fish.
Those who love fishing can catch amazing shrimp, big enough to eat and even large eatable game fish, frequent the shore-line.
And there's the lake, where people can catch 11 different species of game fish.

Context sentences for "game fish" in Spanish

EnglishA large proportion of natural raw products, such as game, fish, mushrooms and berries, are also unfit for human consumption on account of their caesium content.
Una gran cantidad de productos procedentes de la naturaleza, como la caza, pesca, setas y bayas siguen sin poderse consumir por su contenido de cesio.

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