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game form
  • formulario de juego
  • forma de juego

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A song of ice and fire would be extremely hard to pull of in video game form, especially before all the books have wrapped up.
Coupled with a warped storyline torn from the pages of a disaffected teenage outcast's notebook doodles and you had heavy metal come to life in video game form.
It wanted their help in studying the civ and capturing their language in video game form.
This is one film that may actually be better in video game form, and there's nothing wrong with that.
But that's not quite right; they wouldn't have been interesting at all if they hadn't been in game form.
It's also a game that's never had a proper end, with only two chapters of the series being finished in game form.
It's art in game form, a terrific experience from start to finish.
I just can't wait to translate that into game form.
Their titles were often lackluster and existed mainly to translate films or television shows into game form.
At the moment, their 1.10 points per game form average would only see them finish a projected 17th.

Context sentences for "game form" in Spanish

EnglishThe intervention was an educational game with "a form of competitive activity or sport played according to rules".
La intervención era un juego educativo con "una forma de actividad competitiva o deporte practicado según reglas".
EnglishIn talks it is worth considering the need for international rules of the game in the form of Council debate at European level on the printed word.
Merece la pena reflexionar con motivo de este diálogo acerca de la necesidad de establecer a nivel europeo unas reglas del juego en el seno de un órgano consultivo de la prensa escrita.

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