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game-tying goal
  • meta de atar el juego
  • objetivo de empate de juego

Context sentences for "game tying goal" in English

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Nanaimo had a good start to the second period and earned an early power-play opportunity, but couldn't get the game-tying goal.
Patrick was on the ice for the game-tying goal, which came with four seconds left in the third period, and the overtime goal.
Crosby did his damage, setting up the opening salvo, aiding a power-play marker and scoring the game-tying goal with three minutes left.
It was the local kid, the rookie defenceman, who scored the game-tying goal with 1:40 left.
He was effective in this one, with his major contribution being an excellent effort to draw the penalty late in the third that enabled the game-tying goal seconds later.
They let the game-tying goal in with 0.1 seconds left on the clock.
The game-tying goal came just over 12 minutes into the final period.
She also provided a game-tying goal and some insurance in the second half of the doubleheader.

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