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game-winning play
  • juego ganador

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That's not possible unless you have a team in which every single member has the confidence to make a game-winning play.
The simplest answer is to require umpires to remain available longer than "immediately" after a game-winning play.
You became brethren instantly and likely were on a first name basis by halftime, and if the game was crazy enough you may have hugged on a game-winning play.
In what other sport does a player fall down completely of his own accord while making the game-winning play?
He had handfuls of stories regarding the athlete's game-winning plays.
These are game-winning plays, championship-calibre type of plays.
Lee set up his game-winning play after grabbing a crucial long rebound.
It wasn't like it was the game-winning play or anything.
Each has the ability to make important, game-winning plays on both ends of the court.
Often times it's because coaches call numerous timeouts to draw up what could be game-winning plays and make important substitutions.

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