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game-winning touchdown
  • touchdown ganador del juego

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And the odds were astronomically high that the pass would have ended in either an incompletion (stopping the clock, as they needed to do) or the game-winning touchdown.
And then, on the very first drive of overtime he threw the game-winning touchdown.
But never in their previous 762-game history have they lost a game on a blocked extra-point conversion return after scoring what looked like the game-winning touchdown.
Freeman got to his feet, made a hard cut to his left to avoid the safety, then trotted the last 10 yards for the game-winning touchdown.
Haley returned it 60 yards for the game-winning touchdown.
You ran the same speed whether it was the first play, second play of practice or the game-winning touchdown.
It was second down and there was plenty of time to score a game-winning touchdown.
Last year, in his first career start, he threw a fourthquarter interception that was returned for a game-winning touchdown.

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