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gaming commission
  • comisión de juegos

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With the rejection of legalized gambling by the state gaming commission, the once-popular destination is now a ghost town.
The gaming commission said it would pick winners before year-end.
The main question the gaming commission is considering is where casinos must be built in relation to the waterfront.
She declined to explain why the state's betting pool or lottery statutes do not make daily fantasy illegal, as the gaming commission suggested they might.
Gaudreault had little sympathy for the gaming commission's complaints that casino business was dropping.
A gaming commission designs a lottery to assign winning tickets randomly, using a computer algorithm.
He was later put in charge of the province's environmental-review board and its alcohol and gaming commission.
During an appeal, the licence would remain revoked, the gaming commission says.
Lawmakers there are debating whether to put the fantasy leagues under control of state's gaming commission.

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