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gaming device
  • dispositivo de juego

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A $500 gaming peripheral is expected to deliver the moon on a stick; $500 is a lot of money to spend on a gaming device.
Among households that own a gaming device, 56 percent play games on a console, whereas 35 percent use their smartphone.
This is why the apple devices can not be really consider a gaming device.
Whatever the case may be, dice were used by numerous ancient cultures -- but not always as a gaming device.
Pretty good considering it is still a portable gaming device.
That means it will be very powerful for a portable gaming device, but not jaw-dropping for a traditional console.
We'll see how it performs as a gaming device and of course, as an everyday smartphone.
I don't need to occupy every gaming device 100% of the time.
They understand that to each his (or her) own, and they want your gaming device to reflect you.
Its purpose is to be an alternative gaming device with a different focus than its mainstream more expensive big brothers.

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