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gaming environment
  • entorno de juegos
  • entorno de juego

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But they also enjoy the aesthetic of the gaming environment, and the sculptural and painterly qualities filtered through the anything-is-possible pixels of the digital world.
Role-playing games come and go, barely leaving a dent in the gaming environment.
We feel it combines strategizing and wordplay in a low-stakes, casual gaming environment.
Players should only choose mobile casinos that feature games from well-established international software companies, as these are certified to provide a fair gaming environment.
Implications for the social gaming environment and female gamers are discussed.
In today's competitive gaming environment it's all about having the gear that will give you even the slightest extra edge.
It will offer a unique gaming environment and world-class entertainment for all guests to enjoy.
That all said, how does a franchise from the late nineties fit within today's gaming environment?
A full gaming environment is shrunk to the size of a flashlight glow.
The app has been developed after a thorough and careful study of the gaming environment for over 15 months.

Context sentences for "gaming environment" in Spanish

English. - I support a more open gaming environment in Europe.
por escrito. - Soy partidario de un entorno de juegos de azar más abierto en Europa.
EnglishThis report seeks to ensure a high level of consumer protection and to ensure a fair and transparent gaming environment in cyberspace.
Este informe persigue garantizar un elevado nivel de protección de los consumidores y proporcionar un entorno en el ciberespacio justo y transparente para este tipo de juegos.

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