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gaming operations
  • operaciones de juego

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Donaco said it is confident in the "strong growth potential" of the business and that it expects higher earnings from its gaming operations.
The company aims to leverage synergies between each of the gaming verticals and create a unified brand entity for its gaming operations.
The company said revenue was boosted by "increases in both the gaming operations and gaming products business divisions".
His business has also come to a halt after the casinos got shut after cases of illegal or unlicensed online gaming operations were slapped on them.
He has also implemented extensions of the resort's gaming operations with poolside gaming, a state of the art sports betting facility, and mobile gaming.
Crown's wagering and online gaming operations also posted a loss of $3 million.
Gaming jurisdictions are moving towards regulatory frameworks that are evolving to adapt to the convergence of both interactive and land-based gaming operations.
We remain focused on re-energizing gaming operations and strengthening our global leadership in lotteries.
The big gaming operations are also likely to benefit.

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