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gaming performance
  • rendimiento de los juegos
  • rendimiento de juego

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These recordings can then be used as a coaching tool to improve your gaming performance.
This can also affect your gaming performance; how will you defeat your enemies if your back is giving you a hard time?
You've overclocked your card as far as it can go, and you should notice a nice little boost in your gaming performance.
You can find wireless keyboards and mice that offer low latencies and good gaming performance, but they're often quite expensive.
Unfortunately, the gobsmacking presentation isn't backed up by a solid gaming performance.
Benchmarks are used to test the effect of overclocks, relative gaming performance, and the power of both graphics cards and processors.
It'll be interesting to see how that translates to real-world gaming performance.
Due to space and cooling constraints, all-in-one systems rarely offer strong gaming performance.
The wireless engineering expertise integrated into the device is expected to give players a sturdy gaming performance.

Context sentences for "gaming performance" in Spanish

EnglishHigh-performance gaming rigs can weigh up to 15 pounds—not so good for running through airports.
Las plataformas de juegos de alto rendimiento pueden pesar hasta 15 lb (6,8 kg), lo que no es demasiado bueno para correr por los aeropuertos.