"gang fight" translation into Spanish


"gang fight" in Spanish

gang fight
  • pelea de pandillas
  • lucha de pandillas
gang fighting
  • lucha de pandillas
  • lucha entre pandillas

Context sentences for "gang fight" in English

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He says they listen to him because he lost an eye in a gang fight.
In that sense it's much more like football than, say, like a gang fight.
The officers didn't realize they had driven into a gang fight, officials said.
Prison officials labeled the incident a gang fight and shut down the whole facility.
It was a gang fight that resulted in the death of a man whose identity we have yet to ascertain.
Innocent lives are lost as a result of these gangs fighting and innocent young lives get affected.
Sin, the prodigal son of wealthy parents, rips into a gang fight at a seedy club and is immediately knocked out.
Tafa said the taxi bosses had since received "lots of calls" from residents complaining that gang fights have started up again.
Hearne described the gang fighting in the dense flatland area as nothing less than "terrifying".
Otherwise, it is just gang fighting gang, ideology against ideology, etc.
We need to show that this is an area we are proud of and that gang fighting isn't welcome here.
Gang fighting for control of the wildcat gold mine is blamed for the group of missing miners.
Gang fighting still happens here but it has reduced and mostly it takes place in the summer.
Residents gave advice which areas to avoid due to intense gang fighting over territory.
Known as disputed territory between triad groups, the market has been witness to gang fighting and has an unsavory rep.
If they decide to renounce gang fighting, they can be put on a programme to help them with training, housing, education and employment.
I made my enemies through gang fighting and it carries on in there.