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gang initiation
  • iniciación de pandillas

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After three or five months, they came back to me and said it has all the earmarks of a gang initiation.
Garbarino offers the example of a gang initiation.
Gibson said the teens were flashing gang signs, and that she was told by a police officer it may have been a gang initiation.
Maybe, people speculated, the break-ins were carried out by a group of local teens -- a gang initiation, a prank.
Police are also trying to determine whether the incident was part of a gang initiation.
Police say the suspects admit was all part of a gang initiation.
She urged anyone with information about the attack, which she suggested may have been a gang initiation, to report it to police.
So to make the leap and say that this is a gang initiation, there's just not enough information to suggest anything like that.
They could not confirm whether these instances were part of a gang initiation, as some parties have speculated.

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