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gang now
  • banda ahora
  • pandilla ahora

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Police estimate that the gang now has more than 150 members and has been operating since the late 1990s.
The gang now had run of the building and all its eight floors.
The current sixth season picked up over a decade later, with the rest of the gang now middle-aged.
I feel like one of the gang now and it definitely makes the whole treatment process easier.
He makes regular trips north of the border, preferring to stay in hotels rather than in one of the many houses his gang now owns.
While his gang now begin lengthy prison sentences, their drug dealing activities have now ceased making the local communities in which they operated much safer places.
The police has also mounted a man haunt for other members of the gang now on the run after committing the heinous crime.
He spoke after principals demanded to be given adequate security as the terror gang now targets learning institutions.

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