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gang of youths
  • pandilla de jóvenes

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He declined to call them an organized youth gang, but agreed they were a gang of youths.
He said that there is a gang of youths, believed to be aged 12 to 15, "causing havoc" in some northside areas.
Meanwhile, the current tenants of the detective's family home have been hospitalised by a gang of youths.
A gang of youths clash with police, one is found with a baseball bat after police broke up a confrontation with another group.
The scared girls stopped going to school as the gang of youths became bolder.
This estate is being terrorised not by a gang of youths but by loose horses.
He also wants members of the gang of youths seen in the area to get in touch with his officers.
A gang of youths merrily pushing a car stuck in knee-deep waters.
She said that the gang of youths had been shouting at him shortly before he collapsed.

Context sentences for "gang of youths" in Spanish

Englishhe was attacked by a gang of youths

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