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gang-related crime
  • delitos relacionados con las pandillas
  • crimen relacionado con pandillas

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Police have categorised 62 of the gangs as "high-harm" and responsible for two-thirds of gang-related crime.
The substantial custodial sentence handed down to this defendant today, should act as a significant deterrent to those involved in all aspects of gang-related crime.
She admitted the reduction in the garda resources and cuts in overtime had impacted on gang-related crime.
Law enforcement and local officials conceded that while gang-related crime is down, that doesn't mean the gangs have disappeared.
Police said that while most gang-related crime is targeted -- and that the general public doesn't have to live in fear -- that people involved in gang activity can live anywhere.
Ryan declined to go into specifics about how his division operates concerning gang activity online, but said they do take social media into account when dealing with gang-related crime.
Putin's name was discovered on the list in 2013 as an alleged contributor to gang-related crime in his homeland.
He was intimidated and lives in a volatile area where gang-related crime is rife.
An independent politician in the north city center has called for more resources to be given to the police to tackle gang-related crime.
Still, confusion and debate exist on how to identify and define gang-related crime and violence.

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