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gang-related violence
  • violencia relacionada con las pandillas
  • violencia relacionada con pandillas

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In recent years there had been a puzzling and deeply troubling upsurge in this type of gang-related violence.
In the narrow inner city and outer suburban mainly public authority estates, the city is also witnessing a significant level of gang-related violence.
The discoveries are the latest in a series of grisly finds amid a scourge of gang-related violence.
Civic leaders are the politicians closest to the gang-related violence that plays out on city streets.
The gang-related violence that we see and have seen occurs in cycles.
Gang-related violence in the late 1980s had tarnished the area's reputation and continued to influence some people's perceptions, she said.
Locals claimed that there had been a spurt in gang-related violence in the past one month.
The arrest stems from a police investigation into gang-related violence.
He said one of the biggest issues police have in investigating gang-related violence is the reluctance of those involved, including victims, to co-operate.
However, police were unable to provide numbers for recent gang-related violence due to a "moratorium on statistics".

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