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gang territory
  • territorio pandillero
  • territorio de pandillas

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Not far away, the neighbourhood fades into a tableau of decay and violent gang territory.
In these maps, geographic features such as streets, parks and schoolyards tend to delineate gang territories.
It's not about money, it's not about gang territory.
Rainbow said more and more clients are fleeing gang violence, which adds complications when they must find housing outside gang territory.
Children are nervous about going to new schools in different gang territories.
Another interesting factor in the cocaine trade is the role gang territories play.
The classics are that it's a drug-dealing spot... the other classic is that it marks gang territory, and that one's absolutely true.
Each gang territory has bosses, but the player is the leader of the gang.
He's inside gang territory, trying to make it to a door at street level.
A mathematical model that has been used for 80 years to determine the hunting range of wild animals has been reappropriated for use in mapping gang territories in urban environments.

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