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gang violence
  • violencia de pandillas

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Hirsch gives a compelling and sympathetic performance, as his isolation and resentment leads him down a path of drugs and gang violence.
Last month, the department took control of the prison after prison riots, a hostage situation, and gang violence.
Surrounded by drugs and gang violence, the kids were stressed out and agitated.
People called for no bail to be granted, and for an end to gang violence in the area.
The facility was forced to close its doors earlier this month due to gang violence in the area.
At the time, police suspected the motive to be related to gang violence.
Incidents of misuse have been on the increase recently, sometimes linked to gang violence.
There has been gang violence since the beginning of the term.
Was it the shock of seeing a friend seriously injured in gang violence?
Our communities have been deeply affected by the consequences of marijuana prohibition including large-scale grow-ops, increased organized crime and ongoing gang violence.

Context sentences for "gang violence" in Spanish

EnglishYes, anti-racism encourages ethnic gang violence and thus generates what you call racism.
Sí, el antirracismo es el que alienta la violencia de las bandas étnicas y el que, con ello, crea lo que Sus Señorías llaman racismo.
EnglishThis kind of violence encompasses sexual and domestic violence, gang rape, throwing acid over women and honour killings.
Este tipo de violencia acompaña a la violencia sexual y doméstica, las violaciones en grupo, el derrame de ácido sobre las mujeres y los asesinatos por razones de honor.
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