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gangster movie
  • película de gángster
  • película de gángsters

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A truck driver who witnessed the chase said it felt like he was watching a gangster movie.
But this is a gangster movie, and a glorious rise eventually gives way to a self-induced fall.
Don't assume that they're a character from a gangster movie.
In the 1930s, these characters would have been hopefuls in a gangster movie, and while the manners and mores may have changed, the ambition and blurred morality haven't.
It is as if the final shootout in a gangster movie, or war film, or western had metastised backwards to fill the entire movie.
Kapoor is now working on three projects; one of them is a gangster movie, while another is a theatre film.
Often the comedy is inserted to lighten the mood in tense scenes of violence or other matters... but it's a gangster movie -- it's supposed to be tense.
She described it as a scene from a gangster movie.

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