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gap analysis
  • análisis de brechas
  • análisis de carencias

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Conduct a gap analysis, assessing your current operations and training programs.
Most of our institutions need a gap analysis, seeking answer to the questions; "where are we, and where we should have been".
Encouragingly, of those businesses that did conduct a gender pay gap analysis, around 70 per cent had taken action to address the gaps identified.
Organisations must also reveal whether they perform a gender pay gap analysis.
The starting point would be to do a gap analysis of the current state and then create a competency development plan.
These sectoral studies are essentially a gap analysis of policy pronouncement and actual business experience.
However, we do come up with proposals on how to fill the gaps, a more difficult proposition than coming up with the gap analysis.
Of the variables described above, three were chosen for the gap analysis: household income, percentage of residents with college education, and people per square mile.
A gap analysis is probably the right methodology here.
His focus areas are digital risk assessment and gap analysis as well as privacy and data processing risks.

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