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gap junctions
  • cruces de separación
  • cruces de brecha

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A less studied way to keep cells from going down the path of abnormality is to manipulate how they communicate with each other via channels called gap junctions.
One thing mefloquine does in the brain is block tiny molecular pores called gap junctions.
Gap junctions are protein channels that extend across a cell's membrane border and connect with gap junctions of other cells.
Gap junctions are very common in invertebrates but rare in mammals, where they are found on only certain inhibitory interneurons.
Gap junctions help neurons synchronize their electrical activity by allowing ions to flow freely between them.
At the scale of this drawing, the gap junctions still look like appositions.
We hypothesized that these gap junctions may be very important.
Neuronal gap junctions form where inhibitory neurons touch one another.
Gap junctions appear to be key in coordinating the activity of the network of neurons that produce fear memories, specifically, and probably other memories, generally, as well.
When a cell starts to act up, its neighbors send messages through the gap junctions to rein it in.

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