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gap persists
  • la brecha persiste
  • brecha persiste

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The pay gap persists even between men and women from the same types of university who studied the same subjects, suggests the study.
But even when controlling for these factors, the age gap persists.
The pay gap persists so women are essentially working for free 2 hours every day.
The gender gap persists in financial inclusion despite encouraging progress in the number of first-time bank account holders.
Pay is up across the board, but a gap persists at the highest level of academia.
But, even after you drill down into specific occupations, the wage gap persists.
More generally, a large gender wealth gap persists even when differences in human capital are taken into account.
A significant achievement gap persists between people of color and other groups.
But a gap persists, and there is reason to think it could actually grow.

Context sentences for "gap persists" in Spanish

EnglishMoreover, the gender pay gap persists across Europe.
Además, la diferencia de remuneración en función del género se mantiene en toda Europa.