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gap separating the
  • brecha que separa el
  • brecha que separa la

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The gap separating the banks of the river -- and thus, the length of the bridge that was required -- only widened further.
While the earnings of a minority are growing exponentially, so too is the gap separating the majority from the prosperity enjoyed by those happy few.
Democrats are particularly more likely to assign a high priority to government efforts to address the environment, with a 39-percentage-point gap separating the parties.
While there is still a vast, $800-million gap separating the serial entrepreneur from mission complete, the surprisingly high valuation makes his quest seem suddenly -- and remarkaby -- feasible.
The new report called the performance of blacks on a key standardized test a factor that accounts for virtually the entire mobility gap separating the races.
Marion is the eldest of five children, with a big age gap separating the older three from the younger two.

Context sentences for "gap separating the" in Spanish

EnglishWe must reduce the gap separating the north and the south sides of the Mediterranean in development terms.
Debemos recortar la distancia que separa el norte y el sur del Mediterráneo en términos de desarrollo.
EnglishAlthough the European Parliament is elected directly by the citizens, increasing the role of the European Parliament does not narrow the gap separating the Union from the ordinary people.
Es cierto que el Parlamento Europeo es elegido directamente por los ciudadanos, pero un mayor papel del Parlamento no reducirá la distancia entre la Unión y los ciudadanos.

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