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Crowdfunding has closed a gaping chasm in funding for hardware startups.
It is a risky business: dislike one and there's a gaping chasm in the show.
Signings illustrate a gaping chasm in thinking.
That is to say, some modest gains in the male 18-34 demographic but a gaping chasm in the coveted male 25-54 demo.
It is not so much a divide as a gaping chasm.
Make no mistake, the gap between the haves and have-nots is a gaping chasm.
The reality is that the good test teams are good, the middle soft while at the bottom exists a gaping chasm.
This is not merely wide: it is a gaping chasm!
As so often in life, there is a gaping chasm between the ideal and the reality.

Context sentences for "gaping chasm" in Spanish

EnglishThe gap between the governors and the governed is now a gaping chasm.
El vacío entre gobernadores y gobernados ya es un abismo.
EnglishThere is a gaping chasm between what you have once again described as being necessary as a commitment, including financially, and what happens in practice.
Hay un enorme abismo entre lo que ha vuelto a describir hoy como un compromiso necesario, también desde el punto de vista de la política financiera, y lo que sucede en la práctica.

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