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garbage accumulated
  • basura acumulada

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Some 45,000 cubic meters of garbage accumulated over the years, reaching 5 meters into the ground and mixing with groundwater.
It's very common, unhappily, to see garbage accumulated in the street corners.
Also, observers say more needs to be done to encourage the practice of reusing and recycling the garbage accumulated during these celebrations.
Authorities have scrambled nearly 25,000 sanitary workers to clear the stinking garbage accumulated over the past several days to prevent outbreak of diseases.
Garbage accumulated in the lake's catchment area found its way into the water body, causing the levels to dip.
Wherever we saw garbage accumulated outside the shop, we requested them to pick it up.
All roads and streets of the city were flooded by rainwater as the sewerage system failed to drain out rainwater because drains have been choked by garbage accumulated in them.
All around, a great deal of toxic pollution and abandoned development garbage accumulated.

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