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garbage carts
  • carros de basura

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Trees placed next to recycling or garbage carts will not be collected.
The city is going to start collecting yard waste twice a year from neighbourhoods with the new garbage carts.
Neighbourhoods in the city's northwest were the first to test the new garbage carts in 2010.
Winnipeggers might be bad at composting because we're too busy complaining about the size of new city garbage carts or kvetching about lugging bags of leaves to composting depots.
A small number of residents reportedly did not have their garbage carts emptied, he said.
In order to ensure all carts receive tags, the city is asking people to ensure theirs and their neighbours' black garbage carts are out until 5 p.m. on collection days.
City continues to give out 7,300 recycling and garbage carts to each residence and residents have to figure out what to do with their old cans.
That program grew out of complaints over the new garbage carts and how they were too small to accommodate bags and bags of autumn leaves.
Delivery will start with the garbage carts, then recycle, then yard waste.

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