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garbage container
  • contenedor de basura

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Kim, 28, got stung on her thigh while walking past a garbage container.
They include two universally accessible picnic tables, a composting toilet, a garbage container, a recycling container, and a pet waste disposal unit.
I came home one day from school, saw all my artwork crushed up and stuffed down into the garbage container.
Over two hundred food items start the morning at the bottom of the garbage container, every single day.
He ate the food and threw the plates and the basket into a garbage container and went home.
In most wards, there are open depots without any garbage container.
It's not uncommon for the inspectors to find violations -- often minor things such as a garbage container lacking a cover or paint beginning to flake.
There's not even enough room for the new medium-sized recycling cart, the spiffy larger garbage container and the new one-size fits all organics bin.
There is no urinal, no garbage container and no parking lot in the busy market.

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