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garbage littered
  • basura basura basura
  • basura llena

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Presently, municipal waste management has drastically improved, unlike in the past when due to bad public conduct, garbage littered the environment and blocked drainage channels.
Garbage littered the shoreline, a pungent smell filled the air and signs about the polluted waters stood in confirmation of its degraded state.
He said that disposing of smaller cases was like "cleaning the house of the garbage littered around".
He stressed that disposing of smaller cases was like cleaning the house of the garbage littered around.
Members cutting across party lines demanded immediate removal of garbage littered all over the city.
The village is bearably clean and there is not much garbage littered.
There is garbage littered even inside the premises at different places.
Stray dogs rummage on garbage littered all around.
I would complain about all of the garbage littered there along both sides of the exit or entrance.
He said disposing of smaller cases was like "cleaning the house of garbage littered around".

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