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garbage pail
  • cubo de basura

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He shuffled down a laboratory hallway, side-stepping a swivel-chair and a small garbage pail.
Then he noticed the outdoor garbage pails adjacent to the building.
The food court doesn't look like much, and the only place to sit is at a table by the garbage pail.
The animal is bagged and added to a big green garbage pail in the back that will begin to smell funkier which each additional thump.
We were given shovels and garbage pails and were put to work.
Beyond the garbage pails, who knows where it leads?
Residents are reminded not to place garbage bags on top of their garbage pails.
They brought home an old fog machine, piles of utensils, plates and bowls, even old garbage pails, said the tenant, who refused to give his name.
Wilson hates wasting food and the book's first pages cheerfully describe her digging a tea bag out of a friend's garbage pail because it was -- shockingly -- only used once.
You're on your own disposing of your garbage pails.

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