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garden courtyard
  • patio con jardín
  • patio jardín

Context sentences for "garden courtyard" in English

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A separate artist residency and workshop have also been designed, along with a garden courtyard.
Our comfortable bedrooms were off a garden courtyard, surrounded by covered verandas with old-fashioned red polished floors.
There's a garden courtyard, and a spacious, comfortable sitting-room, great for flopping out at the end of a busy day.
Workers are sanding the front doors and creating a garden courtyard.
A spacious reception lounge gave way to an inviting cocktail area and a glimpse of the garden courtyard.
She designed and built the school's water feature in the long lobby overlooking the garden courtyard.
There are 12 superior bedrooms - all individually created in the main house and in the garden courtyard.
It has a side garden courtyard, upper level double bedrooms and external bathroom and laundry -- but no functional kitchen.
The venue features a book shop, movie screenings, live music, local artists' work hung on the walls and a serene rear garden courtyard.
Deville cafe caters to my need for sun and has plenty of outdoor space with a roofed garden courtyard.

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