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garden feature
  • Característica de jardín
  • característica del jardín

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And as he wasn't planning on making a nice ornamental garden feature, this came as some disappointment.
Inside, the home opens to a vaulted foyer with a floating wood-and-steel staircase and an ornamental garden feature.
Of course, water has been valued as a garden feature from the very earliest gardens known to man.
At the back of the house, outside the kitchen, is a huge decked area which contains almost every kind of garden feature you could wish for.
Boulders are a garden feature you might consider.
Suitable for garden feature, or as in our case, a magnificent addition to your living area...
Again, it is marvellous that an actual garden feature is accurately depicted.
Under a towering oak is a garden feature what they call "the lookout", while others may consider it a moongate.
The weaker aspects of the house, the most dominant garden feature usually, really stand out.
Judging from its appearance when still roofed, it is likely that the tower was modified and heightened to form a garden feature overlooking the river in the 18th century.

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