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garden fence
  • valla de jardín
  • cerca del jardín

Context sentences for "garden fence" in English

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As far as you're concerned, there's nothing else going on over the garden fence -- you pretty much live in a snow-globe.
I know each follicle, in the same way as you might know the bindweed that creeps around the garden fence.
In the past people would meet in the town square or chat over the garden fence.
Instead, they chose to come in by climbing over the garden fence.
It's a bit like two people standing over the garden fence.
Not exactly a long telephone line into the hereafter then -- more like a big ear flopped over the garden fence.
Over the internet is the new over the garden fence.
Traditionally, our favourite methods have included lingering stares into the house at the front door, prolonged peeks over the garden fence, or good old-fashioned curtain-twitching.
Unsurprisingly, they are no respecters of the garden fence.
A railway line has been ripped from the ground and twisted vertically like a garden fence.

Context sentences for "garden fence" in Spanish

EnglishFor us the pyres were not on the television screen, they were over the garden fence.
Para nosotros las incineraciones no estaban en la pantalla de la televisión, sino al otro lado de la valla del jardín.

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