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garden plot
  • parcela ajardinada
  • parcela de jardín

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It took all day and many trips home and back to the garden plot.
Plants are uniform and compact and can be grown in containers and hanging baskets, as well as the garden plot.
Someone planted a plant in the northeastern corner of the garden plot, just outside the medicine wheel.
Class sizes are small, the children have quality desks, books and learning aids, and each class has a small garden plot -- all thanks to donors.
People are willing to share their overabundance that they can grow from a small garden plot.
There is also a garden plot and plenty of space for parking.
Wilson insisted that each child have a garden plot and grow their own vegetables.
Then again, it's probably easier and more fun to sign up for a garden plot next year.
At home, it is better, of course, to use the carrots, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers on your garden plot.
Provide an opportunity for kids to grow food from scratch, either in a small garden plot or container.

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