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garden soil
  • suelo de jardín

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Inherent in this style is working with your garden soil (within reason).
It is impossible to overemphasize the benefits of adding finished compost to your garden soil.
It flourishes in any good garden soil, in full sun or light shade, and demands little attention.
It's happy in any reasonably good garden soil, but do avoid chalky areas.
Do not use anything that contains garden soil.
Most garden soil is not ideal for use in planters as it tends to compact easily from constant watering.
Fill the raised bed with a blended topsoil or garden soil mix you purchase from local nurseries or soil companies.
I can still feel the cool garden soil under my feet as a kid, working with my grandfather to plant peas, okra, corn and tomato.
Make an enclosure with hollow blocks and then fill it with garden soil mixed with compost or organic fertilizer.
Garden soil can also harbour another nasty customer -- parasitic roundworm eggs deposited in the feces of raccoons.

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