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garden surround
  • entorno de jardín
  • jardín rodean

Context sentences for "garden surround" in English

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I was amazed at the structures, the greenery, the gardens surrounding the structures, the houses.
It has a restaurant -- which opened in 2007 and overlooks the gardens surrounding the pavilion -- that can accommodate up to 325 guests.
The sun was starting to sink in the sky as we pushed our way through the crowded, arched entrance into the gardens surrounding the monument.
The setting is serenely beautiful -- lush, alluring gardens surround the buildings.
An elegant restaurant overlooksverdant gardens surrounding apool, where breakfast can beserved on sunny days.
An elegant restaurant overlooks verdant gardens surrounding a pool, where breakfast can be served on sunny days.
The property also has a swimming pool with built-in spa and terraced gardens surrounded by high walls, to ensure privacy.
Spacious interior with substantial extension to the rear and wonderful large rear garden surrounded by mature trees.
French doors open on to a private garden surrounded by yew hedging, borders and a terrace.
The castle has a lovely 16-acre garden surrounded by a massive 60,000-acre estate.

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