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garden tour
  • paseo por el jardín
  • recorrido por el jardín

Context sentences for "garden tour" in English

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During a garden tour, we were told the produce grown is a way of reminding people where their food comes from and the effort that goes into creating it.
The program included survivor testimonies, a garden tour, and even live jazz.
This involves looking through books and magazines and perhaps taking a local garden tour or picking up ideas from a garden show.
The property was one stop on an area garden tour last summer.
My garden tour group visited the garden today.
The best part of the day was her garden tour where she showed off yard-long beans, chinese pickling cucumbers and the most interesting thing to me, an "angora" tomato plant.
She said they also have an arts and garden tour booked.
Ciccarelli said there are plans to eventually conduct a garden tour in the spring.
Her chapter on how to organise a garden tour for overseas tourists signaled a new era in garden tourism.

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