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garden visitors
  • visitantes del jardín

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Two portraits of the same spot will charm garden visitors.
Smith the family dog races across the lawn in between keeping an eye on garden visitors.
Not just the neighbours, who have to restrain themselves from throwing bricks at our garden visitors because they find them so irritating.
According to him, because of the naughty felines the autumn distribution of bananas for the garden visitors has come under a threat.
The service was born of demand and might be expanded to provide formal tours for garden visitors.
Tables and feeders attract not only favourite garden visitors but predators that eat eggs and nestlings.
Kingfishers are rare garden visitors, preferring to spend the winter along rivers, or around lakes where food is easier to find.
He said one interaction between garden visitors led to a group of 14 coming over for wine and staying into the evening.
In the garden visitors will be able to see many plants flowering earlier than normal, thanks to the recent warm conditions.

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