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gargantuan effort
  • esfuerzo gigantesco

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Chinese policymakers have been engaged in a gargantuan effort to switch their export-dependent economy, reliant on volatile international demand, to another engine: consumer spending at home.
It is a gargantuan effort to reconstruct the disrupted lives.
Add to that the fact it takes a gargantuan effort, and hundreds of millions of dollars, to keep them alive and to keep them growing.
It's a gargantuan effort on the players part.
And it just grows worse the longer you play, until eventually you wonder if the progress you are making is worth the gargantuan effort you're investing.
Realizing the series isn't over yet, the fiery mentor wants his troops to remain intact and exert a gargantuan effort no matter what it takes.

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gargantuan adjective
effort noun
to make an effort verb
war effort noun
to make every effort verb
amateur effort noun