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garlic flavour
  • sabor ajo
  • sabor a ajo

Context sentences for "garlic flavour" in English

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The garlic flavour is so subtle you would never know until told.
This process allows them to take on a nice garlic flavour.
Ever wonder why they don't do garlic flavour?
Spaghetti in garlic and olive flavours was not perfectly balanced as the garlic flavour suppressed the aroma of the olive.
This includes watercress, cress, and also cress with drop-cress, mustard and garlic flavour.
It really loses all its harsh garlic flavour.
Essential kitchen tool or a destroyer of garlic flavour?
These curly stalks have much of the garlic flavour but without the full hot bite of the cloves.
The garlic flavour ever so present is delicious and reminds you that carrying gum all the time is a necessity.
The stalks look like asparagus and have a mild garlic flavour.

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garlic noun
flavour noun
garlic root noun
lack of flavour noun
garlic and olive oil vinaigrette noun
to flavour verb
garlic bread noun
garlic powder noun