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garlic supplements
  • suplementos de ajo

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Garlic supplements can achieve these effects efficiently without the bad breath compared to raw garlic.
Garlic supplements can enhance the body's ability to dissolve blood clots that would otherwise increase the risk of heart attacks by closing the arteries.
Experts said that garlic supplements should only be utilized after seeking medical opinion, as garlic can thin the blood or act together with some medicines.
They say that garlic supplements should not be taken with anti-clotting medication and should be discontinued about 10 days before surgery, especially by patients taking aspirin or warfarin.
Earlier, garlic supplements have been shown to lower cholesterol level and lessen hypertension in those with untreated high blood pressure.
But she said those with high blood pressure should consult their doctor before considering garlic supplements to help reduce cholesterol levels.
Others prefer to take garlic supplements in pills or capsules to avoid the so-called garlic breath.
While deodorized garlic supplements also have benefits, raw garlic is best when fighting bacteria in your respiratory tract.
However, current evidence does not support the use of garlic supplements to improve health.

Context sentences for "garlic supplements" in Spanish

EnglishThere is widespread usage of garlic supplements.
Los suplementos con ajo se utilizan ampliamente.

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