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garment sector
  • sector de la confección

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He also blamed the current trends in politics for the misfortune in the garment sector.
In matters concerning safety of workers in the garment sector, zero-tolerance should be the overriding motivation.
She asked the government to reduce port and bank charges and bank interest rate for the garment sector.
The cabinet expressed concern over the recent labour unrest in the garment sector.
The factories come from some of the country's most energy-hungry sectors -- rice milling, ice production, rubber, the garment sector, food processing, and brick manufacturing.
The initial growth and expansion of the garment sector, which forms a key economic area today, took place at the time.
The law was first proposed in 2014 amid widespread labor unrest and strikes, largely in the garment sector.
The leather sector is quite similar to the garment sector, but the scope of value addition is far greater.
In an absence of proper manpower, the garment sector is heavily dependent on foreign technicians.
The minimum wage in the garment sector is 87 cents per hour.

Context sentences for "garment sector" in Spanish

EnglishSri Lanka is a classic example, having developed a thriving garment sector but still not having the capacity to supply textiles to support that industry.
Un ejemplo clásico es el de Sri Lanka, que ha desarrollado un floreciente sector de confección pero aún no dispone de capacidad para abastecerlo de tejidos.

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