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garner publicity
  • obtener publicidad

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Ahmed also alleged that the photos were intentionally taken to garner publicity.
He is not one to grandstand or make fantastic claims to garner publicity.
He raised this hue and cry to garner publicity.
The months leading up to the big event are a series of unreturned phone calls from sponsors, pending approvals on event lists and frustration as they try to garner publicity.
Your trip leaves a lot of suspicion that you are spending crores of rupees of public money just to garner publicity.
A note issued by the state headquarters to district and mandal offices lists detailed instructions on how to collect funds, mobilise crowds and garner publicity.
Cliched, meaningless garbage designed to tittilate and garner publicity, nothing more.
Greenpeace used the incident to garner publicity over the issue of genetically modified crops, releasing video of the women destroying the wheat with whipper snippers.
Many of the events that garner publicity are beach and park clean-ups, tree plantings, and the like.?
This was done to garner publicity in a situation that has more to do with law and order.

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