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garner the headline
  • obtener el titular

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Even so, his team's play on the field is doing plenty to garner headlines.
Giovinco will garner the headlines because of his two goals.
While wireless networking has garnered the headlines and is prevalent if not prominent in people's homes, it is still primarily a data-based experience.
The lanky striker has been one of world football's most consistent scorers in recent seasons without really garnering the headlines he so richly deserves.
The original incident garnered headlines because the punch was caught on camera by the cyclist's friend and put on social media.
A little boy's sick/healthy cancer photo has gone viral in the last several days, garnering headlines about the "striking" and "inspiring" transformation he underwent.
Here is a list of the ones that garnered headlines.
Hard-right ideas -- like selling off electrical utilities, or right-to-work laws allowing employees to opt out of unions -- have garnered headlines.
While it's mostly garnering headlines these days for its consumer-facing applications, virtual reality and its close cousin augmented reality are also entering the enterprise space.
But it's also a widely misunderstood activity, thanks to it garnering headlines for all the wrong reasons: fatalities and serious injuries in very young people.

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