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garner the praise
  • obtener la alabanza
  • obtener los elogios

Context sentences for "garner the praise" in English

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Nottage's two decades of work has garnered praise for bringing challenging and often forgotten, stories onto the stage.
While the style of the book garnered praise, it got mixed reviews for its lack of scientific depth.
It kept that edge over the years, garnering praise from musicians, digital artists, and animators.
Apart from garnering praise for coming up with up-to-date railway technology, he has been lauded for his second book.
Although this advertisement was not aired many-a-times of television, it had garnered praises on the internet.
Those speeds have garnered praise but also raised safety concerns.
His post garnered praises from members of the online community, with one fan saying "he told the truth".
Endorsing another term of chaos is not something that should garner praise.
Parched, on the other hand, has got few screens despite garnering praise and laurels across various film festivals.

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