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garner the vote
  • obtener el voto

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Good news, because there will be some attention paid to service delivery and the underlying efficiencies in a bid to garner votes.
Remember that our collective humanity is degraded when we can not rise above petty sentiments and looking to garner votes.
So it's normal that candidates take advantage of religious sentiment to garner votes.
This can be seen as a move to garner votes, but activists are also seeing this as an opportunity.
With elections looming, all parties are likely to ramp up the racial and religious undertones of their campaigns to garner votes.
Discourse during elections is framed within a narrow range of alternatives that party strategists believe will garner votes.
He seems happy to trample over any group if it will garner votes.
He adds he hopes, however, the work is not just being done as a ploy to garner votes in the forthcoming local elections.
Scotland's decision is an example of how malleable politicians will make a popular stand to garner votes and warm fuzzy feelings in defiance of science.
Factors such as campaign promises, marketing, branding, political song and dance and garnering the vote of the poor and easily-misled all factor into forming the perception a politician creates.

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